Good Bye March...Hello April...

Dated: 03/31/2020

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When I woke up this morning, the first thought that came to my mind was write down all it is you still want to accomplish.  If we have at least another month of this isolation, why not take advantage of this moment and be productive.

I think with this downtime, 2 things can occur:

1. You can stay exactly where you are and have been.  Which is the normal routine of numbing, watch tv, and continue to be shut off from all it is we are meant to experience as spiritual human beings.

2. You can grow. (And I don't mean in pants size) lol

Why not take advantage of this opportunity we have?  Yes, there is so much that is unknown and it can be scary. I totally understand this,  but if we stay where we are and have no spritutal growth during this period of time then isn't it all a waste?

Don't get me wrong, each morning I get up with my normal my eyes, grab my phone to see what I missed overnight, head downstairs, open my all of my blinds to let the light in and see what kind of day it is outside. Say hello to my new veggies growing and take inventory on all who have popped up overnight and how much they have grown in just a few hours. Next, looking forward to that first sip of my freshly brewed coffee and then starting up the computer to play catch up because despite what is going on in the world right now, I am thankful to say, clients are continuing to move forward even if it is at a bit slower of a pace....and then, I take in whether its time to reflect and whether or not I sit and write in my journal or should I  share my thoughts with others?

As stated this morning what came to me was my goals....don't get so caught up in trying to do what you normally do to let the time pass, but rather yet, think about what else is there you want to accomplish?? Mine is tapping more into this side of things, blogging, Utube, learning to make videos and edit them.

I love being able to share my world, my amazing finds when exploring abandoned properties, all the oddities that I find, and things that just fill my soul or better yet...make me, ME.

During this time, not only take time to connect with loved ones, mother nature, and the world in general. But also take the time to turn inward, is there something you have been holding onto for all these years that no longer serves you?  Is it time to let go of that story you have written for so long that doesn't need to be?  Is there something you want to accomplish that fills your soul?  This time is about growth and not in your waist line lol....its spiritual, its mental, and damn it you owe it to yourself.

Put the remote down, do something other than watching everything on Netflix....please don't numb yourself during all of this....use this time to the best of your ability. We might never get this reset again....what is it you want to do??  For you? Let that sink in...

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I am a firm believer in the power of thought and the universe delivering all that you desire providing that you let that be your focus. I live my life this way and conduct my business with this same....

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Good Bye March...Hello April...

When I woke up this morning, the first thought that came to my mind was write down all it is you still want to accomplish.  If we have at least another month of this isolation, why not take

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