Taking Time To Reflect And Regroup

As I am sitting here writing this morning, I was reflecting upon what it is I still would like to “tackle” so to say with this time on my hands. I want to get refocused again on the big picture.

Yes, making stuff and getting things accomplished around the house are great, but I don’t want that to distract me from greater purpose, and as I am writing…which sometimes I feel as if I am channeling (my spiritual peeps will understand exactly what I mean) I wrote another thing I wanted to work on was letting go of the disdain. ( I knew I was channeling when I didn’t even spell it correctly and had to google it to even see what the exact definition was).

Upon doing so, I found this great article which I will attach at the bottom of this, incase you would like to read as well. While reading it and reflecting, I thought, I don’t carry a ton of anger around with me on a daily basis. I am not easily triggered in my normal daily activities. However, if something is to trigger me, I am like a lion and will roar.

I realized I do have reference points, of things I have held on to. When something comes up, I go into my mental filing cabinet and find the file that has that memory…I pull back out that trigger point and those emotions associated with it. That is the “anger” or the “resentment” I want to learn to let go of.

I feel like today is my reminder of why we have this time and I want to take advantage of it fully. This morning is my time to reflect to see where I have delineated during this past month, and now its time to reset, to get back on the path of all it is I want to work through and accomplish.

Happy Easter everyone! Share this day with your loved ones and soak up that energy! When you get time to sit with your thoughts, allow yourself time to reflect. Is there something you want to learn to let go of? Is there something you are holding onto that no longer serves you?

Let’s take this moment to pause and to release so when we come out of this, we are better people then when we started.

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