The world at this moment

Today is March 24th and it is literally 1:11 pm when I decided to start my first blog.  Yes it will be located on my real estate page but it will be a compilation of my thoughts and everything else that I feel is necessary to share with others.

Woke up this morning ready to tackle the day, ready to get back to my regular schedule despite whatever Quarantine day it is….I started off the day with a clear head and ready to accomplish all it is that is on my continued lists that are forever growing in real estate of things that need to get done. As the day transpires and more posts come in from updates on what they see our “forecast of the future” will be, I can’t help but to feel defeated.

There are so many emotions we are all going through with this outbreak….its like a constant roller coaster ride…push through the fear, love the space you are in, even if it is an unknown….the what do we do if this lasts as long as some people are predicting….how do we all get by?  What happens if there is an economic collapse, if the government, money, and all that we know it crumbles, how do we get by as a society?  Would real estate and homes sales even exist if there was no real dollar….

Each and every day I try to wake up and share all that is positive because I believe that’s where our focus needs to be, but the human experience allows all the emotions to come in….and the human ego presents fear.  Fear of the unknown….All I know is this, I am trying to keep to my normal daily routines despite the change in our lives with social distancing.

I am thankful for having online relationships and the communities we have built through that…it helps to still make me feel connected despite this time of isolation…Each day I am continuing to go through the motions and emotions throughout the day. There may be dark before there is light, but I am hoping for the best outcome….I have no idea what that looks like for all of us but I hope there is great good that comes from all of this.

We might not necessarily be able to see through these murky waters at the moment, but I am thankful for the soul connnections I have with the loved ones in my life and I will continue to shine my light despite the chirping that is going on in my mind.  What is it that you are doing to keep yourself going in this moment??

Mine is staying busy, workwise and in the homefront.  Whatever I can do to occupy this mind and keep myself busy.  Keep pushing through peeps. #wegotthis