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Changing the Face of Real Estate

About Amber Everin - Changing the Face of Real Estate

I am a firm believer in the power of thought and the universe delivering all that you desire providing that you let that be your focus. I live my life this way and conduct my business with this same model as well. I am very much into guiding my clients to shifting their focus to what it is that they desire in a home and letting that manifest.

Being in this business since 2001, I have seen the true power of manifestation happen time and time again. I am a firm believer in a reason for everything and when the first home/condo/offer doesn't pan out it just means that something better is on its way.

I am fortunate to say, my business is literally almost 100% past clients and referral based because they all know, I am not only a going to educate and guide them during this process, but that I am also super protective and will be looking out for their best interest when purchasing or selling a home.

As far as educating goes, I am there to show you various things to look for in a home such as what do aging shingles look like, or how to look for the age of the hot water heater if it wasn't disclosed on the listing, what water signs look like in a basement, if a chimney has been repointed and how the brickwork looks, to see if windows are replaced or original, and so on and so forth. So that when you pull up to drive by a house you are interested in, you can size that property up in one shot and determine if it is something that you would like to see further - just from looking at the exterior and determining if its potentially a good fit. I am one of the most go with the flow agents until its necessary such as when it comes to negotiating on your behalf. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a great reputation in this business for being a pleasure to work with among fellow colleagues, however, I am a fighter if need be. I am not afraid to go to bat for my clients if something is to happen during a transaction and will fight for them every step of the way. Real estate is my life, I eat, breathe and sleep it. Making sure my clients are taken care of in every aspect is what this is all about.

I am thankful to say, I wake up everyday grateful for getting to help others in one of their biggest decisions in life. My clients become my family, and they know regardless of how time passes, I am always there for them. I am only a text, Facebook message, phone call, or email away! After all the years of being in the business, each transaction is just as exciting as the first because I love what I do! Not many people say that but I am one of the lucky ones!

©2020 Amber Everin, CT licensed realtor.

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